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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Healings Abound

Our church is currently on our annual 21 Days of Sacrifice. This is a time when we adjust our diets, push away from media... basically, we try to put our old stinkin' flesh in its' rightful place. The night before the fast started I had one of those dreams that I recognize completely as a "God dream." I won't tell all the details of it because He hasn't told me yet what all of it means. I will share this one part... I saw me standing with what looked like a cocoon of bandages and someone (I'm assuming HIM) was slowly unwrapping them. The next morning in prayer God assured me He would heal me and my family in new ways. I took this to mean more than any physical healing.

Now I progress to Day 2 of the fast... yesterday. Cam was sick, as he is SO OFTEN. Since he was 4 or so, he continually gets stomach viruses. I mean, like an "every month" or "every two months" kind of virus. It gets embarrassing to tell people he's sick. I feel like they don't believe me. You can't deny it when your poor baby is puking his guts out though. In all these years I've never taken him to the doctor for this because it's gone within 24 hours like most stomach bugs are. Yesterday was different. I decided to take him because he had a bladder "flair up" right before he got nauseous so I wanted to make sure the two weren't related. They ran all sorts of tests and as it turns out, he has a bacteria in his stomach called h. pylori. A lot of people have this but normally they don't have any symptoms. He definitely has symptoms! We are now able to treat this aggressively and get rid of it once and for all!

It boosted my faith that on the 2nd day of our fast God is already bringing to light things we didn't even realize we needed healing of. It makes me wonder what else He will be "setting straight" in our bodies, minds, and most importantly, our spirits.

I'm ready, Lord. Remake me!

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