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Monday, April 27, 2009

Miracle in the Cook House!

If you look back to last Monday's blog, you see how God started convicting me about praying FIRST... before any other thing in my day. What I didn't mention was the fact that previous to this, I had been going by the church to pray every morning. It's something I had always wanted to do, and since we have been living in town for the past 7 months, it has been something I can do. I didn't even think about the fact that prayer INSIDE my home was being neglected. Beginning last Tuesday, home prayer was restarted in the Cook home. WOW! What things have unfolded since then.

Daniel 2:28 "...But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets..."

I am so overwhelmed at the way He shows us things when we really and truly seek Him with our whole hearts and ALL our effort! I was off last Thursday and after dropping the kids off at school, I felt such an urgency to pray in our home. He began to lead me and show me things... I could literally FEEL the hurts and burdens of my teen. I cannot begin to tell you how deeply, passionately and LOUDLY I cried out for hours... I lost track of time, didn't care who heard, had no appetite... I say this not to lift myself up but to make a point of the urgency I felt in my spirit. He would later nudge me with a burning question, "Will you feel this degree of urgency for other hurting, lost souls that you may not even know?"

My mom had come to stay the night because of a women's conference that was taking place here locally. I had shared all of this with her and the next day she left the conference early to join me on my prayer shift at church. We agreed together for so many things and I can't tell you the incredible privelege to be able to intercede with my mother... the very one who I remember hearing "cry out" for me in intercession as a teen.

To make a long story short, we both felt compelled to pray for Tanner (actually both boys) IN our home. Our pastors have really been trying to focus us on BEING the church... making our homes a place of worship and breaking forth the WORD. That afternoon we anointed both boys with oil and prayed over them. Nothing drastic happened (or so we thought)... they didn't jump up & down or have some big revelatory moment. We just felt peace. ...simple as that!

Later that night we were all standing around in the kitchen and Bryan put his arm around Tanner. He suddenly gave an excited, OH MY WORD! Let me explain... about a year ago we found out Tanner has scoliosis. It causes him to slump over. One shoulder is higher than the other. You can actually see his curved spine protruding between his shoulder blades. We're constantly telling him to stand up straight so it doesn't get worse. It hurts him to straighten up though. We have been told that he would probably need surgery or a back brace. Tanner even commented that he and a friend had just felt it the day before and were talking about it. It was very obvious! Standing in our kitchen that night, his shoulders were as straight as an arrow. We could hardly even feel his spine. It was back in its rightful place! Did we ask God for healing? No. We asked Him to be with Tanner, to take care of everything that concerns him, to lift his burdens, to be so real to Him, to give him a personal touch. I want to shout it from the rooftops! OUR GOD IS STILL IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS!!!! Sometimes He just throws in a healing to show us that He hears us... that He WILL take care of all the things we've asked Him that are unseen. My prayer is to release those cries and intercessions for whomever He chooses! ...not just someone that I love so dearly and so deeply.


brazzel6 said...

That is so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! My faith has been strengthened!!!!!!!!

Kylee said...

Praise God!! I am so encouraged. Thank you for sharing

curtiss said...

Thanks for the miracle report "And they overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of there testimony" God bless the Cook clan.

1nana5x said...

God is so awesome....My heart if full..Bless you..

Jo Ellen alford said...

Our Lord always answers us in a way that brings praise to HIM! As Amy Grant sings,"Better than a Halleluia". Amen